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Mike's Bread Blog, 2014

Monday February 16, 2014 - Where DOES the time go? Sadly, I've been posting what should go here in Mike's (more or less) Weekly Baking Tips. I should really post them here too, or as separate pages on the site. I'll try to do that, but until I get in the groove, the new groove, the most reliable way to make sure you get all the stuff I blab about is to subscribe. Really, there has been lots of good information in the newsletter. If you haven't already signed up, you might think about it. It's free, we won't spam you, and it will take a court order for us to give up your email address. Just head over to the subscription page to sign up!

I hate it when I make a mistake on the site! The only thing that makes it better is when a loyal, eagle-eyed, reader like Martin Schoeberl points it out and helps me correct the problem. Believe me, I REALLY appreciate being corrected because that means the web site gets better! What, you ask, am I babbling about this time? Both the Bohemian Rye and New Bohemian Rye recipes had some significant errors, especially in the amount of salt in them. If you tried them and found them WAY the heck too salty, you might give 'em another try.

Wondering why the recipes were off? The recipes have their own evoloution. The recipes on this site were created mostly in the early 2000's. Then they were tidied up and put into the "Introduction to Sourdough" and other cookbooks. But the ones on the site were never updated. Then we started our bakeries, and the recipies were further refined. And neither the web site nor the cookbooks were updated. So, there were at least three versions of each recipe. Now, today, all three recipes are the same. And there will be an emailed update to the people who have purchased the "Introduction to Sourdough" cookbook in the next few days. Yes, we really mean it when we talk about our limited lifetime subscription.