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My Favorite White Bread
103 – D. Jason Penney’s Favorite White Bread This is a pleasant white bread from the RFS bread recipe collection.  While it may be D. Jason Penney’s favorite white bread, it really isn’t mine.  Make no mistake about it, it’s good, but it isn’t that good!  This is a bread recipe that offered a lot …

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World Bread
101 – “World Bread” A Bread From The Recipes Project This is, appropriately, the first recipe in the recipe list.  It is a simple recipe and because it uses an absurdly large amount of starter, it is much more likely to rise than more advanced recipes, even if a beginning sourdough baker makes …

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Black Garlic Bread
2012-12-05 – Not Dead Yet – Breads, Pizzas, Lore and More This post was first sent out as a newsletter to the Mike’s (More or Less) Weekly Baking Tips.  If you subscribe, you’ll get these posts before (often MUCH before) they hit the web page, and it’s free.  It will take a court order to …

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Big Bagels Baked Off
BIG BATCHA BAGELS!!!! In Which Mike Makes As Large A Batch Of Bagels As His Mixer Will Handle! A few people asked how to use an Ankarsum (formerly Electrolux Assistent, formerly Magic Mill) to make a large batch of bagels.  They were having trouble and weren’t sure they “were doing it right”.  Maybe what I …

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Mike's Approachable Loaf
2021-04-03 A New Approach(able Loaf) Hello Breadheads, As mentioned in a recent Mike’s (more or less) Weekly Baking Tips, I’m trying to move more and more to using whole grains. I’ve been trending in that direction, but have a bit more momentum since my doctor “encouraged” me to avoid refined carbohydrates. So, this is another …

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Whole Wheat Sourdough Pancake - Delicious!
2021-03-07 You’ll Wholly Flip For These Pancakes!   Sadly, my doctors are encouraging me to cut back on carbs, especially on white ones. So, I am taking a deeper dive into home ground whole wheat.  First out the gate, I revisited our sourdough discard pancakes.  I replaced the all-purpose flour with freshly milled whole wheat …

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Lavash crackers with a variety of toppings
Seeded Sourdough Lavash Crackers Made With Sourdough Discard And Other Goodness Don’t get me wrong, I LOVE bread, and that’s not going to change! However, there are times when there is nothing as satisfying as a cracker. The crunch! The burst of flavor! These crackers are a bit of trouble, but I think you’ll love …

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Sourdough English Muffins
Sourdough English Muffins This is a stunning sourdough English Muffin recipe which has been on this site for years.  We’ve just taken another shot at it to clarify instructions and measurements.  The taste of these muffins is awesome! My son, who was about 10 when we first made these and who didn’t like English Muffins, …

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Pasta being cut into fettuccine
Sourdough Pasta Sourdough, it’s not just for breakfast any more! What’s this? Sourdough pasta?  Isn’t this a bread blog? Nah, it’s a sourdough blog.  And, honestly, when I heard about sourdough pasta I was skeptical.  Pasta isn’t risen, so it wasn’t obvious that sourdough would add anything to the pasta.  Still, as a die hard …

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Fettucine with Tangy Wilted SpinachAC
Fettuccine With Tangy Wilted Spinach In all honesty, this is not the most photogenic recipe we’ve ever come up with.  On the other hand, it’s not the least photogenic either.  But it is quick, easy and very tasty.  And with spinach in it, it’s gotta be healthy, amirite?  This should make 2 servings. Ingredients: 2 …

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Our Denali Pizza
Slow Rise Sourdough Pizza All through this web site, and our cookbooks, we stress the importance of a long, slow rise.  I’ve gone so far as to say the secret to baking is patience, and the secret to sourdough baking is MORE patience.  But, it’s in a good cause. The pie to the right is …

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Simple Sourdough Pan Bread
Simple Sourdough Pan Bread This is from “The Friends of Carl“, a group dedicated to giving away Carl Griffith’s ancestral sourdough starter. We talk about them at some length in “Getting a Good Starter” page. This bread is a good learners loaf, and it is the first loaf I baked that was nicely sour!  It …

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Another three stage Pan au levain, made in a banneton
Three Stage Pain Au Levain,Pain au Levain, revisited This note picks up where the Three Stage French Bread (Pain au levain) note left off. If you haven’t read it, I encourage you to do so now. At the end of the previous note, I was left with a bread that was quite, quite dense, not …

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Sourdough Blueberru Muffins in a lined basket
Sourdough Blueberry Muffins Muffins, notwithstanding a bizarre song by the late Frank Zappa, are fine foods, and they are a great way to start a day, to brighten a covered dish function at work or church, or to just tell someone that you think they are special. Also, they are a great way to use up an extra cup or …

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100% Whole Wheat bread
Freshly Ground Whole Wheat Bread Recipe Part of the Grain Mill Comparison This recipe is a modified version of one of my favorite yeasted breads. It was created to provide a good platform to test home ground whole wheat flour. I’m using a yeasted recipe to focus on the flour tastes of the bread in …

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20 Percent bran plus rye rye bread boule
Roggenmischbrot mit Sonnenblumenkernen (A German style mixed rye and wheat bread with sunflower seeds) Part of the Grain Mill Comparison This recipe is a modified version of a seeded mixed rye and wheat bread from my good friend Samartha Deva. Samartha is one of the two best rye bakers I have met. His breads make me …

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Some Disarded Sourdough Starter Recipes Many methods of feeding sourdough, including some on our web page, have you feed your starter twice a day, discarding half the starter before you feed it. The reason for this is pretty simple – if you aren’t using your starter and you feed it enough to double it in …

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Sourdough English Muffin Bread, sliced on a cutting board
Fast Track to Sourdough Sourdough English Muffin Bread If you just finished our “Introduction to Baking” recipes, you may be having a deja vu moment. However, this is one of those breads we make both as a yeasted bread and as a sourdough bread.  This one is part of our :Fast Track to Sourdough” series …

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San Francisco Style Sourdough Pan Loaf
San Francisco Style Sourdough aka “Black Canyon Sourdough Bread” San Francisco style sourdough bread is basically a French bread made with a sourdough culture characteristic of San Francisco. Many people, especially those in San Francisco, like to believe that this bread can be made no where other than San Francisco. However, the organisms in a San Francisco …

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Some quick bread recipes On this page, we’re listing some of our favorite quick breads. Usually, when people think of quick breads they think of breads leavened with baking powder. or baking soda and buttermilk. There is an almost forgotten sourdough variant of this, ripe (or acidic) sourdough starter and baking soda. It makes great biscuits, rolls, muffins, cupcakes and even an …

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Pain au Levain, three stage bread
Three Stage French Bread(Pain au levain) In “The Bread Builders”, Alan Scott and Dan Wing mention a classic three stage process the French use with Pain au levain. They obtained the recipe from J.C. Groscher, who got his data from Professor Calvel. It looked really, really interesting. However, the process starts with 1 kilogram of starter and …

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Mexicali Heat
Black Bean and Chipotle Bread Also known as Mexicali Heat This recipe was adapted from Mark Miller and Andrew Maclauchlan’s “Flavored Breads – Recipes from the Mark Miller’s Coyote Cafe” I’ve never been to the Coyote Cafe, but I’ve heard only good things about it, and the flavored breads title got me interested. The book was …

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100% Whole Wheat bread
100 Percent Whole Wheat Sourdough Bread This bread is a favorite of mine partly because it’s a rich wonderfully flavorful bread, and partly because it breaks so many rules people just know to be true. We’re told you can’t make a light bread with all whole wheat flour, that you have to either add some …

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Carrot Pineaple Sourdough Cupcake
Carrot Pineapple Sourdough Cake A recurring question I receive is what to do with leftover or excess starter. And there are many good answers. Making pizza shells is certainly one of them. Making Blueberry Muffins is another. I have to confess, I’ve never been a fan of sourdough biscuits. I like baking powder biscuits, and to me sourdough biscuits are really rolls, …

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