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Thank you Mike, your site has given me so much help. It is clear, intelligent and most importantly, not scary. Your site pushed me to take the plunge into pain au levain. I cannot tell you how much enjoyment I get out of the magic of baking bread.

— -comment from a website visitor

Month: August 2019

What Is Hooch?

What is “Hooch”? This question comes up fairly often. If you watch old movies or TV shows, the answer is obvious. Hooch is cheap, bad booze. And, even in sourdough circles, that’s pretty close to true There’s a great example of sourdough hooch to the right. It was taken in 2001 when I knew much, …

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Storing A Starter

Sourdough Starter Primer Storing a Starter This is part of our “Sourdough Starter Primer”, an in depth look at how to create, maintain, store, revive and even use a sourdough starter. Our romantic image of days of yore suggests that the hard working mother of a family of 12 to 14 baked several times a …

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Stretch and Fold

Stretch And Fold A Gentle Way To Develop Dough And the Elusive Panama Bread Recipe Too! Many people tell me they have to use a mixer because they have medical conditions that keep them from mixing dough by hand. This is a problem for me because I strongly encourage beginning bakers to feel the dough …

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Great Whole Grain Breads

“Great Whole Grain Breads” by Beatrice Ojakangas. This was, for many years, THE reference book for whole grain breads and baking. Very highly recommended! Several of our favorite breads come from this book. Sadly, her sourdough section isn’t very strong, but it’s easy to convert recipes. It isn’t in print, but it is available on …

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What’s A Cup?

What’s A Cup? A recurring question, posed for many reasons, is, “What’s a cup?” Some people in other countries want to know what a cup is so they can use recipes on American web sites and in American cookbooks and magazines. One English baker asked plaintively in a newsgroup, “What’s a sodding cup?” But even …

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